Poplar Pine Studio is based a few minutes outside of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and is a naturalistic setting for filmmakers to rent on a daily basis to help tell their stories. Located on a fourth-generation family run river lot alongside the North Saskatchewan River, it is a place where, if the production team wishes to set up camp while shooting a longer project, they may. The farm itself is a short 10-15 minute drive from the City of Prince Albert, if staying at a local hotel is more to the production team’s liking. With being an environmentally conscious business, we encourage our renters to lessen their carbon footprint by staying on the property. Also as the three generations ahead of the current manager were all strong advocates of wildlife preservation, the current generation is following through on those wishes. Working with Provincial Wildlife Conservation Management, having a local conservation officer present to keep both the renters and the current “tennants” on the land (we have a lot of deer, as well as some bears and wolves) from having conflicts with each other. We can also offer advice for services such as catering & camper trailer rentals, as needed for a production team, with spots on the 100 acre piece of land to set up things such as production trailers, campsites….and as it is in a quiet rural area, it is a peaceful area to do your creative works in. Proof of production insurance will be required before any rentals are booked.